Arcadiaterra Catalogue

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Catalog Sectors

Spraying Machines spare parts

Here you can find all the spare parts our company has to offer for spraying machines like pumps, controllers, joints, spraying hoses, tanks, as well as spraying protection helmets and protective clothing.


Cardan shafts and Gearboxes

Here you can find our complete range concerning transmission systems like, shafts, shaft spare parts, gearboxes, rotary tiller gears and chains.


Agricultural Seats

Here you can find information and schematics for the complete range of our seats.



Here you can find a wide variety of accessories from pins, safety pins, tow hitches to lights, mirrors, hydraulic cylinders and many more.


Grass Mower Parts

Here you can find part for grass mowers as well as bird scarers.

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Here you will find a big range of lubricants.

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Tillers and Shredders parts

Here you can find rotary tiller dlades and bolts of several kinds as well as flails for shredders and cultivator spare parts.


Trailer Parts

Here you can find a wide range of trailer parts. From wheels and tire for agricultural use to hydraulic cylinders, wheel hubs and many more.


Electric Accessories

Here you can find work lights, becons, and plugs for agricultural machinery as well as reflective road signs for the equipment.


Air tools

Here you can find air tools such as air scissors and air chain saws as well as filters, regulators, pressure gauges and many types of connectors.


Agricultural Hand Tools

Here you can find hand tools like chapies, handles, vine harvest scissors, gardening tools as well as protective boots, gloves, cutting discs and many more.


Agricultural Machinery

Here you can find a wide range of agricultural equipment such as cultivators, sprayers, flail mowers and shredders and specialised vine trimming machinery.


Pumps and Controllers Drawings

Here you can find spare parts drawings for our complete range of pumps and controllers.