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Growers applying fungicides and desiccants to oilseed rape can exploit a new addition to the Hypro Guardian Air Twin range for the first time this year.

This versatile air-induction nozzle provides a unique balance between good spray coverage and drift reduction, with a spray quality that is ideal for the majority of spring and summer spraying targets on tall crops. The new 035 size, which joins an existing range of five sizes from 02 to 08, is ideally suited to applying 100 litres/ha at 16kph with 3 bar pressure.

“The advantage of the ‘Twin’ is its two spray jets inclined forward and backward by 30 degrees,” notes Roger James of Pentair Hypro. “This configuration is particularly suited to directing spray into taller targets with thick canopies that can be difficult to penetrate.”

Although all air induction nozzles produce a coarser spray than a conventional flat fan, independent test results published in the HGCA Nozzle Selection Chart show that the Guardian Air Twin produces the finest.


“The angled jets penetrate into the foliage from both sides”


“At 3 bar pressure, on most targets, the effectiveness is similar to a ‘medium’ spray from a conventional flat fan tip, giving excellent leaf coverage,” says Roger James. “The angled jets penetrate the into the foliage from both sides – and if drift becomes a concern because of changing conditions, dropping the pressure to increase droplet size will reduce it.”

At 2 bar drift is reduced to 50% of that of a flat fan, so that will usually be enough to allow spraying to continue to get the job done.


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