The course of the company begin in 1964 with the foundation of the company. Mazomenos Dimitrios, as a machinist deals with the manufacturing of tilling blades for rotary tillers.

In 2000 the company acquires the discreet tittle “ARCADIATERRA” and is transported to its new residence in the Industrial Area of Tripolis.

By the year 2010 “Arcadiaterra”, has moved to its new modern facilities measuring 3000m­2 in the Industrial Area of Tripolis. During the construction of these facilities all the modern techniques and equipment have been used in order to comply with safety and environmental rules. In these facilities we have incorporated the infrastracture and the conditions needed to increse the quality of the service provided.

At the same time we are manufacturing spraying machinery and agricultural machinery for varius other applications.

Our storage of spare parts has a complete range of genuine spare parts, supporting all the products of the leading agricultural firms, based on the specifications they define.

Our mission is to provide farmers the best and most reliable tools, through constant research and utilization of new technologies, in order to get the best possible results from their fields!

After all, a lot of people will agree that farming is the most important job on earth!