Bird-XPeller PRO

Broadcasting a variety of naturally recorded bird distress calls & predator cries that confuse, frighten, & disorient pest birds within the effective range. Sonic bird control is a safe, humane, & eco-friendly way to get rid […]

DIAS 1000 – Bravo 140

Demonstration of the mist sprayer DIAS 1000 equiped with Bravo 140 controller. This machine is ideal for use in caltivations with trees. Using the lattest technology it utilises ultrasonic sensors in order to stop spraying when […]

New generation LED work lights

Swiss manufacturer CEA presented in the recent EIMA 2014 the new generation of LED work lights. The new LED worklights are compact with a modern design with the thickness reduced to the minimum. The monobloc construction of the housing, optics and transparent […]

Spray tip selection calculator

Spray tips are often the smallest and most overlooked piece of equipment on a machine. However, they have the greatest effect on the accuracy and efficiency of each application. Hypro offers spray tips for a variety […]

By the book!

Dias 2000 Sprayer is a functional, reliable machine which complies with the EU legislation and it is built around a galvanized chassis, designed to withstand the harsh Greek land and to support correctly and safely the […]

Smart Farming

The Νο 1 problem today’s farmers have to deal with is the high production cost and reduced productivity!                    Smart Farming is accomplished through use of technology and using it’s methods […]

GuardianAir Twin Nozzle

Our company, arcadiaterra, stays faithful to its principles and continuously tries to bring new products designed to provide more efficient and economic spraying application to the Greek market.                 […]

Bravo 400S Navigator

Designed to feature the accuracy required by the Seletron technology, Bravo 400S can now be adjusted to suit all field applications, if matched to the proper electronic control, sensors, actuators and accessories. It can be used […]

Computer Bravo 140

Bravo 140 is a small yet powerful computer designed for row spraying. If connected to special ultrasound sensors, which feel either tree trunk or leafage, it will spray the right amount of pesticide where needed thus using a lower amount of products. […]

Nozzle Hypro XT

The XT introduces boomless spray technology, enabling spray to be targeted into places that conventional booms and other tips cannot reach. XT delivers a uniform spray pattern over a distance of up to 5 meters. Ideal […]

Nozzle Hypro Guardian Air

Guardian Air nozzle represents innovation in nozzle technology. Hypro’s developments in air inclusion (also known as air induction) technology mean that drift-reducing nozzles are now offered with finer spray quality and can therefore be used effectively across […]

ARAG Precision Farming

Responding to the demand for efficient agriculture, Italian company ARAG has introduced “Precision Farming” line of products. Using the latest technology and offering solutions specifically tailored to each application ARAG managed to maximize efficiency, while reducing […]

Nozzle ALBUZ AVI 80

  In our continuous research concerning spraying technology we present you ALBUZ AVI 80° nozzle which offers high quality spray pattern and accurate flow. Correct use of nozzles will give you the ability to improve quality as well […]

Current Seat Technologies

In today’s age of advanced technology, manufacturers have devoted a significant part of their research in finding new ways to improve the safety and comfort of the agricultural vehicle operators. These improvements target to maximize their […]