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28th Agrotica 2020

We would like to thank all of you who honored us with your presence at our booth. Once again Agrotica exceeded all expectations by setting a triple record. Exhibitors record, with 1950 exhibitors. exhibition space with […]

Peloponnisos Expo 2019

We would like to thank all our friends and partners who visited us.

New catalog for 2019

We are pleased to present our renewed catalog for 2019. download here.

JSP Force™ 10 Typhoon™

Our cooperation with JSP safety products, brings you the new Force™ 10 Typhoon™. Excellent face seal Extensive research has been carried out by NIOSH (ISO16976-2) to distinguish the worlds 5 most common facial shapes. Using this research […]


Again this year, we would like to warmly thank SYNGENTA for trusting ARCADIATERRA to build two spraying machines as prizes for the September 2018 draw. These are two up to date HELIOS 1200 lt, large-crop sprayers with […]

27th Agrotica 2018

We would like to thank all our friends and partners who visited us. Attendance was record breaking with almost 150.000 visitors. At the same time there was a 100% increase in international business visitors with a […]

Ηλέκτροστατική γεννήτρια ιόντων Χαλκού (CU++) της AgroΗalc

  In a continuing effort to improve and evolve agricultural spraying Arcadiaterra informs you of the new collaboration with AFS on the AgroHalc electrostatic generator. This device can be easily placed on any spraying machine making […]

AgroExpo exhibition 2017

Arcadiaterra and its business partner Fivos Iosif LTD took part in AgroExpo 2017 in Nicosia of Cyprus with great success. This agricultural exhibition which is one of the most significant in Cyprus attracted 20000 visitors and […]



We would like to warmly thank SYNGENTA for trusting ARCADIATTERA to build a sprayer machine as a gift for the September draw.The model HELIOS 1000lt is a high tech orchard sprayer with a 15m boom and […]


  Arcadiatera and its partner Sanidas, took part  in AGRA 2017 in Philippopolis of Bulgaria with great success.This international exhibition is one of the most significant agricultural exhibitions in Southern Europe.We were given the opportunity to present […]



Arcadiaterra as an exclusive representative of Hypro in Greece, introduce the new SHURFLO 9325-043-101  submersible pump. The 9325 submersible pump is the  ideal to your remote water pumping needs.Designed to use with solar panels and 24V battery […]


  PELOPONNISOS EXPO 2016 was completed successfully. We warmly thank all our friends, our colleagues and visitors for the intense interest they showed in our products and for the creative discussions we had. Exceeding all expectations, […]

SHURFLO water pumps

Arcadiaterra as an exclusive representative of Hypro in Greece distributes Shurflo electrical water pumps. Expanding the options we offer, we present two new water pumps suitable for agricultural and industrial use.  Shurflo water pump 5059-3611-D011 12V […]

Stainless steel basket filter

  In a continuing effort to provide solutions to the farmers, arcadiaterra designed a new stainless steel tank filling filter. The new tank filling filter is made of stainless steel mesh offering excellent quality of dissolution […]

Hypro 3D Nozzle

Syngenta in collaboration with Hypro developed a new advanced spray nozzle to boost the performance of pre emergence herbicides and to improve results against black grass treatment. The concept was simple – aim the spray directly […]

26th Agrotica 2016

Another Agrotica fair reached to its conclusion! We would like to thank all our friends and partners who visited us during the 26th Agrotica 2016 fair. Attendance was spectacular this year as well with over 120.000 […]