ARAG Precision Farming

arag1Responding to the demand for efficient agriculture, Italian company ARAG has introduced “Precision Farming” line of products. Using the latest technology and offering solutions specifically tailored to each application ARAG managed to maximize efficiency, while reducing costs.

Our company, Arcadiaterra, monitoring all the advancements on the field, brings you the new computer “Bravo 180S” and the GPS system “Skipper”.



Bravo 180S is the smallest computer of Precision Farming range still offering high performance designed for small to medium agricultural applications minimising operating and application costs.

Bravo 180S is a small but effective computer which offers exceptional accuracy and efficiency, designed to control all the necessary functions during spraying application. It offers ease of use, ergonomic design, it can be positioned near the operator and it can be connected with the electric valves of the sprayer and all the necessary sensors with the use of only one cable.



Skipper is a satellite navigation system designed specifically for agricultural applications satisfying even the most demanding farmers. The big 4″ screen, the unique design and the pioneer software philosophy make Skipper the perfect tool for a wide variety of operations.

Some of the advantages are the ability to store and recall points of interest, buzzer for correct steering time to properly centre next track depending on preset steering radius, sound alarm in case of navigation into already applied area and calculation of field area and perimeter.


Displayable data (can be set by the user): Speed, Applied area, Calculated area, Spraying time, Productivity, Perimeter, Date, Time, Direction, GPS signal quality, Track number, Target rate, Available memory.

On the following links you can find more details about Skipper and Bravo 180S.


GPS Navigator Skipper Download
Computer Bravo 180S Download