By the book!

Dias 2000 Sprayer is a functional, reliable machine which complies with the EU legislation and it is built around a galvanized chassis, designed to withstand the harsh Greek land and to support correctly and safely the tank.

The tank is made of polyethylene in order to comply with the EU rules for increased durability to chemicals. It utilizes three tanks, the central tank, one for washing hands and one for washing the tank and the pump with clear water. This sprayer uses an external mixer for better agitation of the spraying liquid and also protects the farmer from direct contact with the fumes produced during agitation.


 d2000_2        d2000_3        d2000_4        d2000_5


Minimizing loses, maximizing efficiency

The sprayer uses double nozzles with anti-dripping system in order to prevent dripping of the spraying liquid when the application stops. On the one end adjustable nozzles are used and on the other end orchard, air induction anti-drift nozzles are used. These nozzles reduce drift dramatically, improving economy and providing excellent coverage.

Application is controlled from the cabin using through the control box. Also, in the cabin, there are located a control box for the foam maker as well as a tank level display. All these devices provide vital information, helping the operator to focus on improving the results. The high end design and the high quality of the materials used help the farmer to improve the efficiency, speed and economy of applications.