Nozzle Manual

The Nozzle Manual is a short presentation of the evolution of drift reducing nozzles and their advantages.

In the first part methods for calculating spraying volume are presented, in the second part, a thorough presentation of the philosophy of anti drift nozzle technology takes place and in third part the wear and maintenance of nozzles is discussed.

Each chemical product needs to be applied in a certain manner as well as every field and crop has its own characteristics which must be met during spraying. Combining the knowledge of the agriculturist, the product label and the directions described in this manual we can calculate accurately the quantity and the spraying system suitable for each application.




Spray Drift is a very important matter for nozzle manufacturers around the world because there is a great need for improved results, more respect to the environment and faster rates of application.

Using nozzles with bad anti-drift charachteristics results in loosing a great amount of spraying volume in targets other than desired such as evaporating to the air and washout of the target which result in increased cost, polution and low efficiency.

Venturi nozzles represent an innovation in spraying field because they are not affected as much by weather conditions, offering low drift potential and great coverage by creating larger droplets containing air.

Currently the manual is only available in Greek.